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The world of online entertainment offers so much fun that it is really challenging to test all the games. Still, some of them are so popular that people return to them again and again. Moreover, they want continuation. This was actually the main goal of this project – to let players enjoy their beloved online games – Pokémon and Sudoku. The first one is a fantastic adventure with cute monsters and their intense fights. And the other is a well-known puzzle game that makes your brain boil.

What is the objective of new entertainment?

As you have notices the title of the new game is a word that was created by merging Pokemon and Sudoku. So what are you supposed to do in Pokedoku? Everything is simple! It is remains a puzzle! You will work with grid that consists of nine empty boxes. Your task is to fill this grid with the names of Pokemon. You will have to enter nine different names. The rule says that you cannot repeat one and the same Pokemon twice. In other words, you will have the same objective as in the original variant of Sudoku, but numbers will be replaced with adorable creatures.

Pokedoku features

The goal. Your mission is to fill all nine boxes with the right Pokémon.

  • Nine guesses: You have only nine chances to do this, so pick your Pokémon carefully. However, the unlimited version does not have move restrictions, allowing players to train endlessly.
  • Multiple correct answers. Sometimes, there can be more than one right answer that fits one and the same box. For example, if a box can be filled with both Fire and Fighting types, you can use Pokémon like Blaziken or Infernape. But the further algorithm may depend on this answer.
  • No steps back! Once you make a guess, you cannot change your mind and cancel your choice. So, be smart about it. If a Pokémon can go in more than one box, only you decide where exactly you want to locate it.
  • Special column. The first two columns and three rows are for Pokémon types, but the third column is different. It has special categories, like different regions, legendary personages, and more.
  • Legendary Pokémon. These all can be located in the special column and include Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beast Pokémon.
  • Mega evolutions. Right now, Mega Evolution Pokémon are sorted by the region where the original Pokémon is from.
  • Regional Pokémon. If a category is a specific region, you need to pick a Pokémon from that region.
  • Daily Challenges. If you have failed solve a puzzle correctly, don’t worry! New puzzles come out every day at midnight, so you can try a fresh challenge very soon.
  • Unlimited version. If you find a daily challenge too complicated, do not get upset. There is a solution that will allow you to enjoy this game in a non-stope mode. And it is Pokedoku Unlimited, a version where you can try as many puzzles a day as you wish.

Crafting winning strategies

Pokedoku is not only funny entertainment. It is a mental workout that challenges your brain and tests your problem-solving skills. To maximize your chances of success, consider these strategic steps:

Target obvious matches. Start by identifying rows, columns, or groups where only one or a few specific Pokémon can fit. These are the low-hanging fruits, so tackle them first to make progress.

Keep a Pokemon log. It is essential to remember which Pokémon you have already placed in the grid. This prevents you from inadvertently repeating them in the same row, column, or group, ensuring accuracy.

Utilize pre-filled clues. Pre-filled cells in the grid provide valuable hints. Pay attention to them, as they can guide you in placing the right Pokémon in their correct positions.

Pokedoku offers a unique and engaging experience for Pokémon enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge of Sudoku-style puzzles and wish to put their Pokémon knowledge to the test. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey through the world of pocket monsters, where logical thinking and strategic planning are your tickets to victory. So, embark on this brain-teasing adventure and prove your mastery of both Sudoku and Pokémon.

Possible Pokemon categories

The specific categories used in Pokedoku can vary depending on the version or edition of the game. Pokedoku typically includes the following categories for Pokemon placement:

  • Pokemon Types. You’ll usually need to match Pokemon with specific types, like Water, Fire, Grass, Electric, and so on.
  • Some puzzles may involve selecting Pokemon that originated from a particular in-game region, such as Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, or Galar.
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. In certain cases, you might be required to place Legendary or Mythical Pokemon in the grid.
  • Mega Evolutions. Mega Evolution Pokemon are sometimes sorted based on the region where the original form of the Pokemon originated.
  • Ultra Beasts. These unique Pokemon may also be part of special categories in Pokedoku.

Please note that the specific categories and rules may evolve or change over time. So it is vital to follow all the updates of the game. For the most up-to-date information about the Pokemon categories in Pokedoku, visit the official sources provided by the game’s developers.

Why is the game called a daily puzzle?

The developers created this game based on the famous Wordle. If you remember, this is a word-guessing challenge where players need to guess a hidden known considered of 5 letters. And you are tasked with just one word a day and given six attempts to find the clue. So this mechanism was implemented in Pokedoku as well. While it reminds of Sudoku where you are filling the grid and interact with lovely Pokemon, you can tackle only one puzzle a day. You have nine attempts to decide on nice boxes. If you fail it, you should wait till the next day – at midday, a fresh challenge is offered to the players. Alternatively, you can have endless fun in an unlimited version, where there are no restrictions.

Benefits of Pokedoku

Pokedoku, a fusion of the popular Sudoku puzzle and the enchanting world of Pokemon, offers a range of benefits for players of all ages. This unique game is not just about entertainment; it also provides mental stimulation and fun learning experiences.

  • One of the primary benefits of Pokedoku is the enhancement of cognitive skills. Players must employ critical thinking, logic, and strategic planning to solve the puzzles. It’s an excellent exercise for the brain, sharpening problem-solving abilities and pattern recognition. Moreover, it encourages players to pay attention to details and think creatively to find the best-fit Pokemon for each cell.
  • Pokedoku also nurtures patience and persistence. With only nine attempts to complete the puzzle, players learn to make thoughtful decisions and adapt to new challenges. The daily puzzles encourage regular engagement, fostering a sense of accomplishment as players improve their skills over time.
  • For Pokemon enthusiasts, Pokedoku combines the joy of interacting with favorite personages and a classic puzzle, making it an exciting and educational experience. Players not only learn more about Pokemon types, regions, and legendary creatures but also develop a deeper appreciation for the franchise.

In a world that often demands quick decisions, Pokedoku stands as a mindful game that rewards thoughtful choices and a careful approach. Its benefits extend beyond entertainment, making it a rewarding pastime for those seeking both fun and intellectual growth.


What is Pokedoku?

Pokedoku is a delightful game that combines Pokemon and Sudoku. You place Pokemon characters in a grid, following specific rules and patterns. It was inspired by mega popular Wordle.

How do I play Pokedoku?

To play Pokedoku, you fill a grid with Pokemon personages. You must follow the rules for each row, column, and sometimes special categories. The goal is to do it with only 9 tries.

Can I use the same Pokemon more than once in a game?

No, once you choose a Pokemon for a particular box, you can’t use it again in the same game. This adds a challenging twist, so think carefully about your selections.

What if I make a mistake in Pokedoku?

If you make a mistake, unfortunately, there’s no way to fix it. It’s important to be certain about your choices before you complete a game.

What happens if I cannot finish a Pokedoku game successfully?

If you can’t solve a game, don’t worry. A new one starts every day, so you can have another go tomorrow and enjoy a fresh challenge.

How to improve your skills in this game?

There is only one way to enhance your skills – you can play unlimited version. It allows you to take endless puzzles and discover how everything works here.

Are there rewards and bonuses in Pokedoku?

At the moment there are no rewards or bonuses in this game. But maybe developers will change it when they issue further updates.

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