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Puckdoku is a new online project that seamlessly blends the strategic dynamics of ice hockey with the brain-teasing logic of Sudoku. This innovative combination offers players a unique and entertaining experience that challenges their agility and thinking skills. In other words, the traditional Sudoku puzzle was reworked, and instead of number-based approach, the players will interact with a hockey theme. Now, your grid will be really exciting as it will turn into an ice hockey rink.

How to play?

As in the original puzzle, you will deal with 9×9 grid. It will appear partially filled. What can serve as a clue in this new game variant? These are hockey players. The objective is the same as in regular Sudoku: each row, column, and subgrid must contain one of possible responses without any duplication. But you also need to learn some tips to make this activity really interesting. Before commencing the game, players should ensure they have a readily available list of NHL players along with their accomplishments. This list may encompass statistics, achievements, and other important details. You will need to enter a player into each cell based on the criteria specified by a particular row and column. There are different criteria to take into account – a team, season, college. So you will need to be well-versed in this theme if you are determined to succeed.

Accept the challenge!

Puckdoku offers a wide range of puzzles with varying levels of difficulty. It allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game. All you need is just profound information about hockey players and logical thinking. But there is one nuance – you have only nine moves to fill in the grid. No matter whether you move was successful or not, it always is counted as one attempt. After the ninth attempt, the game is over. So you should not rush if you do not want to be kicked out with no result. Take time to think well who is the best option to match both row and column criteria. Puckdoku is a captivating way to immerse yourself in the thrill of problem-solving skills. Whether you’re a hockey fanatic, a Sudoku enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a fresh and enjoyable gaming experience, this game is for you. It provides endless hours of excitement and offers a truly unique and challenging online gaming experience. You will love this unconventional challenge!

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