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Pokedoku is exciting online entertainment that brings together the addictive puzzle-solving challenge of Sudoku and the beloved world of Pokémon. This unique fusion has created a game that not only exercises your brain but also lets you embark on a captivating Pokémon adventure. Are you ready for such a weird twist? Do not hope it will be pure fun this time. As before, your strong thinking skills are desperately needed. If you believe there is no puzzle you would not be able to crack, it’s time to prove you are a real pro!

Pokemon instead numbers!

This modification takes the classic Sudoku puzzle and infuses it with a delightful twist. Instead of traditional numbers, you fill in the grid with cute and adorable Pokémon characters. The goal is the same as in the original puzzle. You have to fill the grid on the screen. But there is a rule to follow – each cell of the grid must be filled with a unique personage each time, no repeating is allowed. But here’s the fun part – each Pokémon type has its own set of rules, making the game both challenging and entertaining.

You have nine attempts only

This is really the biggest challenge of the entertainment. You cannot experiment with variants without a stop. The idea of the game is to make you think strategically. Otherwise, you have no chances for success. It means you are not allowed a mistake! You have only nine attempts to enter Pokemon names in the right cells and fill the grid. Make sure you follow the hints you have in the beginning of the rows and columns. It will not be easy, as sometimes there is more than one correct answer per cell!

Some gameplay tips

In the grid, you’ll see three rows and three columns. The first two represent different types of Pokémon. But the third column is where it gets interesting. It can have special categories, like regions, legendary pocket monsters, and more. Your job is to match Pokémon with their types or categories. For example, if there’s a box between Fire and Fighting types, you can choose a Pokémon that belongs to both. But the twist is that once you use a particular personage, you cannot pick it again, and you cannot change your choice. It does not matter if your answer is wrong or not – it is always considered an attempt.

Craft strategies

This game is for those who like to give a proper workout to their brain. So what is the right strategy to multiply your chances for success? Note these simple steps:
• Look for rows, columns, or groups where only one or a few Pokémon can fit, and deal with those first.
• Remember which Pokémon you already used so you don’t put the same ones in the same row, column, or group.
• Pay attention to any cells that are already filled, as they can show you where certain Pokémon should go.
Pokedoku is a perfect game for Pokémon fans who like Sudoku-style puzzles and want to test their Pokémon knowledge.

Enjoy an unlimited version

It may seem really difficult if not unrealistic to complete a puzzle in just nine moves. Even you are a fan of Pokemon adventures and know well their types and characteristics, you will make mistakes. Play may agree that it is a bit boring to have access to just one puzzle a day. So they have a chance to enhance their skills in an unlimited version. It means you are not restricted to just one puzzle a way – play as much as you want. All you need to respect is only the rule of nine guesses. Try different combinations and experiment to see how the game is arranged. Will you learn everything you need about adorable Pokemon to effortlessly crack daily challenges! Enjoy it to the fullest!

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