Puckdoku Unlimited

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Are you a fan of Sudoku but feel a bit bored to interact with numbers all the time? Here is something you will definitely adore – it is a great modification of the popular puzzle. As before, you are to fill the grid consisting of nine cells. But now you do not deal with numbers. You will have to enter the hockey players in each cell! Do you know all the legends from the world of hockey? Then it is time to demonstrate your knowledge!

What’s your objective?

Actually, if you know how to play Sudoku, you will not be lost! The main mission is exactly the same – you will have to fill the grid that is made of nine cells. And do you remember the main rule of the original puzzle? There should not be the same numbers in one row or one column. This rule also works for Puckdoku – you can use one and the same hockey player only once. Is there any hint? Yes, you will get some hockey-based information that will help you to stop on the right player. But you should always take into account two criteria – the one stated in the row and the one stated in the column. So be very attentive, as skipping one of these will result into a mistake!

Play without a stop

You may already know that the original release allows you to make only nine guesses to complete the puzzle. It makes it extremely difficult to succeed with so rigid rules. So if you are a beginner to this entertainment, it is logical to study the process well before you can make it flawlessly in just nine steps. This game offers a great opportunity to train! It is unlimited version that allows you to make as many attempts as you wish. This project is great for those who are interested in putting their hockey expertize at test. Are you ready to recollect everything you know about hockey players? Do not even hesitate – you will also learn a lot of new things! Enjoy Puckdoku from your computer or just from a smartphone. You can play it whenever you have a free minute and have fun!

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