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Pokedoku is like Sudoku but with Pokemon themes. It’s played on a 9×9 grid, just like regular Sudoku. Instead of numbers, you use Pokemon-related categories to figure out what goes in each square. The grid has three categories on the left and three on top to help you. As you have already guessed, you will need to use the tips provided to fill in correct names of pocket monsters. How well do you remember them all? This cool entertainment will immediately examine your knowledge. It’s time to get started!

You have only nine tries

This is what makes the game really tough. You can’t try things over and over again. The game wants you to think carefully and make a plan. So, no mistakes are allowed! You have to use those nine tries to put the right Pokemon names in the grid. Pay attention to the hints at the start of the rows and columns. It’s a bit tricky because sometimes there’s more than one right answer for a square! But you cannot use the same name twice, unfortunately. Once you added a particular personage in one place, there it remains. You will not be able to cancel your move.

A new puzzle every day!

The game is designed as a daily puzzle, with a new challenge being issued every day at noon time. You are to solve just one single puzzle. However, even that may seem too tricky to you, taking into account a restricted number of moves. So do not forget you can always enjoy an unlimited version. It is a great opting for training and enhancing your skills. Plunge into this adventure to refresh everything you used to know about Pokemon! You will surely enjoy this brain-teasing activity! Besides, it is a great daily exercise for your brain! Do not miss this entertainment!

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