Flappy Birdle

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Brace yourselves for Flappy Birdle – it’s like a word game with wings! How does this work? Just type words that make a bird flap through a series of pipes. The catch? Don’t crash! It’s like a bird-brained version of the classic “Flappy Bird” but with a linguistic twist!

Type and flap!

Here’s the deal: you earn a sweet +1 point for every pipe you navigate successfully, and a whopping +20 points for every word you spell correctly. But beware, one false move, and your feathery friend might go splat! It’s a high-flying word game that’ll test your typing skills and reflexes. So, if you’re up for a thrilling word game that’s all about keeping that bird soaring, then give Flappy Birdle a shot. This winged version of Wordle is ready to take you to new heights of wordy fun. Will you be able to type in all the words correctly and avoid going down with a crash right in the middle of your flight? Get ready to spread your literary wings and flap away!

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