NFL Grid

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Are you an avid NFL fan? Then get ready to tackle the gridiron with NFL Grid! This online game is all about the National Football League, and it’s a thrilling combo of football trivia and the brain-teasing mechanics you’d find in popular games like Wordle. Let’s go, athletes!

NFL wrapped in a puzzle!

Take a good look at that grid, a digital battlefield of sorts. Each cell on this grid comes with specific criteria based on NFL teams, players, stats, or colleges. You’re here to guess the correct NFL player for each cell by deciphering the combined criteria of the row and column. It’s like a puzzle where you connect the dots to reveal the hidden player! But hold onto your helmet, there are rules! You’ve got to follow certain guidelines, like the chosen player must have suited up for at least one NFL regular season game for the corresponding team, and you can’t use the same player twice. Get ready to huddle up, make those strategic plays, and enjoy the thrill of NFL Grid!

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