Pokemon Pikachu

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Do you know the most adorable Pokemon ever? Of course, it is Pikachu, a small creature with yellow fur and pointy eyes. This friendly and mischievous personage is not only a powerful and versatile fighter, but it’s also the mascot of the entire Pokémon series. This time, Pikachu is calling you on a new adventure. The hero needs to participate in a new obstacle run, and you should help him. Your hero will run through the icy environment full of dreadful obstacles. To reach the end of each level successfully, Pikachu must jump from one platform to another. If he makes a wrong step, he will immediately fall and get frozen into the cube of ice. Make sure you guide him safely through the path. Besides, the character needs to collect bonuses on the way. Prove you can smoothly pass all the levels in this tricky adventure! Good luck!

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