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Ever wondered if there is a Wordle-like game with numbers instead of letters? You just stroke gold! If you’ve always been more into math than languages, here is your chance to enjoy the groove with what you’re best at. See if you can find all those pesky digits hiding in the grid!

Like Wordle, but with numbers!

Right off the bat, Bytle throws a curveball your way – instead of words, it’s all about nailing an 8-bit binary number. But don’t worry if you’re not exactly a computer whiz – this game’s designed for everyone, from binary beginners to seasoned geeks. Here’s how it all goes down: your mission is to crack the code of the day’s Bytle number, which could be any digit from 0 to 255. You’ve got a grand total of six turns to pull it off, and after each attempt, you get a little hint to nudge you in the right direction. Can you guess the elusive number before you run out of attempts? Get ready to wrap your head around those sneaky digits, and let the geeky guessing begin!

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