Heardle Anime

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What do you love more, music or anime? If you can’t choose, then you’ve come to the right place! Anime Heardle is a fantastic spinoff of the popular audio-based game Heardle, but it’s all about anime. Intrigued? Start playing and find out more!

Music, anime and puzzles!

In Anime Heardle, you’re in to guess the anime series from snippets of their iconic opening themes, ending themes, or OST tracks. It’s like a musical guessing game where you can put your anime knowledge to the test. With each guess, you get a chance to unlock more parts of the song, making it a real musical puzzle. Now, if you’re a seasoned anime viewer, your familiarity with anime music might just give you an edge in this game. Anime Heardle brings a fantastic twist to the guessing game genre by putting anime music in the spotlight. Try your best to guess the songs solo, but remember, there’s no shame in seeking some assistance. Good luck!

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